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Momentum Extension For Chrome

Momentum extension for chrome

Momentum is a personal dashboard also known as Momentum extension for chrome aims to bring inspiration, attention, and productivity while removing distractions from the user’s experience. Remove the new tab page and replace it with a personal dashboard with a to-do list, the current weather, and inspirational quotes. Momentum is a substitute for the homepage of your new tab that will help you maintain your Focus and Momentum throughout the day.

Find some motivation, and then concentrate on making the most of today. A motivational image will remind you what you want to achieve whenever you open a new tab. It may stop you from loading Reddit or Facebook for the tenth time.


  • Your tasks are cataloged on the to-do list.
  • When necessary, clicking the “Apps” button will bring you back to the default home page for Chrome.
  • More than 425,000 individuals are now logged in.

Are They Utilized In The Workplace Or At Home?

Momentum is something that I utilize most frequently when I’m at work simply because that’s when I spend the most time on the computer, but its usefulness extends to both the workplace and private life.

Why Should You Invest In Momentum?

Perhaps, Every time you open a new tab or window, Momentum will feel like a jolt of adrenaline, so you need to install it. if you  want a start page that is not cluttered with excessive tabs or links and aesthetically beautiful. A page like this is my preferred option.

You can also quickly check the time and the weather with this extension without navigating to a different website or using a different application. It compiles all these aspects into an attractive dashboard you can scan quickly and easily.

You can also have a reminder of your most important objective or message for the day appear whenever you open a new page. In addition, you have little space to create a personal to-do list. It is helpful to ensure that your highest priority projects are displayed in a visible location so that you can continue to check in on their status.

 A Quick Guide To Momentum Extension For Chrome


Welcome To Momentum!

Momentum is a free browser add-on that can be downloaded on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It is designed to provide concentration and motivation to the website that opens when you click on a new tab. Enjoin the millions of people already benefiting from Momentum’s supportive and reassuring atmosphere to help them stay organized and accomplish their personal and professional goals.

You Will Learn Many New Things After Reading This Piece Of Assistance.

  • How to set up a Momentum account and install the Momentum client
  • How to Determine Your Daily Objectives
  • How to create new tasks and check them off with Momentum’s Todo
  • Instructions on how to include your preferred websites in Momentum’s Links
  • Installation of Momentum and the creation of an account Instructions for configuring Momentum in the Settings

You can add Momentum to your browser by going to the listing for Momentum on the Chrome Web Store, the Firefox Add-ons page, the Mac App Store, or the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page and selecting the option to do so.

Momentum will prompt you to provide your name and email address and choose a password after completing the installation. This information will create a Momentum account for you, saving all your Momentum data in a secure location (including your To-Dos, Focus, Links, Favorite Photos/Quotes/Mantras, and so on).

Microsoft Edge users should note that after installing Momentum, they must ensure it is set to the “on” position.

You can add Momentum to your browser by going to the listing for Momentum on the Chrome Web Store, the Firefox Add-ons page, the Mac App Store, or the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page and selecting the option to do so.

To Install Momentum, A Permission Pop-Up Will Display; Click The Add Extension Button.

After installation, Momentum will prompt you to supply your Name, Email Address and choose a Password. To create your Momentum account, type or enter this information into the box in the middle of the screen.

Your Momentum page will load once you have provided a password for your Momentum account by typing it in or inputting it.

Don’t forget to check out your email for a verification message for your Momentum account; to finalize creating your Momentum account, you’ll need to click the verification link included in the message.

Establishing Your Goals For The Day

When you have completed the installation of Momentum, the question “What is your main focus for today?” will appear in the center of Momentum. Use this daily reminder to assist you in organizing your day and gaining Momentum toward achieving your short-term and long-term goals.

To create a Daily Focus, you must first click the text “What is your main focus for Today?”, then type the most crucial thing you want to accomplish today, and finally hit the enter/return key on your keyboard. To finish your Focus, move your mouse cursor to hover over it, and then click the checkbox to the left.

Use Todo From Momentum To Create And Finish Off Tasks.

Todo, built within Momentum, is a straightforward and always-accessible task management. You may use it to swiftly add new tasks, view existing ones, and finish the ones you’ve already started when they come up in your day-to-day life.

Click the “Todo” button in the lower right-hand corner of Momentum, write in the name of the new task, and then hit the “enter” or “return” key on your keyboard. This will add to the new task. To finish an assignment, click the checkbox to its left.

Within Momentum itself, you can quickly add and visit any of your preferred websites, thanks to the Links area. Click the Links button in the upper left corner of Momentum to open the Links menu. Next, click the New Link button at the bottom of the Links menu. Finally, fill in a Name for your link, paste its URL, and press the enter/return key on your keyboard. This will add the website to the Links area of Momentum.

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