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which is the best free VPN

Which is the best free VPN?

In the current era of digitalization, secure online proceedings and data privacy have become more essential. We all know about the increasing threats of cyber crimes revolving all around. Everyone is in search of, be it an individual or a businessman, secured channels that can keep them safe from snooping observation. Therefore, a tool named VPN (Virtual Private Network) is now appeared on the scene to serve on this end. There are different categories to it comprising some paid ones and some free ones. Now, you may think here “Which is the best free VPN?’ For this, we have got you covered. Through this blog, we have tried to put the users at ease of getting the best pick from the selected list of free VPNs according to their needs.

The Rationale Behind Using A Vpn

Not everyone knows the actual role that a VPN is playing. To keep up with this fast-paced economy, we have to be knowledgeable about all the useful tools being used in our daily lives. The main purpose of a virtual private network is to make secure connections all around the world. It helps in establishing a secured link between your system and a server that is situated remotely anywhere. Moreover, a VPN operates with complete encryption to ensure 100% anonymity. It changes your actual location which en routes the traffic of that area through the connected server. A VPN is an effective addition to our lives in many ways.

1. Complete Protection Of Privacy

Everybody has a right to maintain its complete secrecy either doing offline or online chores. A VPN is efficient enough to support you in this matter. It guarantees to keep your personal or online data confidential through virtual traffic encryption.

2. Increased Security

With VPNs, you can enjoy the privilege of having additional security while browsing. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the internet from your office or surfing through a public Wi-Fi connection, you are fully secured. This becomes possible due to its encryption procedure that hinders hackers from interrupting your work and decoding your IP address.

3. Go Beyond Restricted Regions

Are you unable to access some important content that is only available to the particular users of a certain region? Thanks to the VPN for resolving this matter. By using so, you can go around the geo-restricted content by getting linked to that specific location’s server. Through such a connection the browser you are using shows you as the user of that region.

4. Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling

In most cases, using the internet through an internet service provider may restrain you from having a consistent browsing speed. On increased internet activities including torrenting and streaming, you may have to face connection throttling. In contrast, a VPN saves you from such disturbance by hiding your activities from the ISPs.

Thus, on reading the above-mentioned usages of a VPN you can now understand how much of its importance has added to our lives.  So, let’s move forward to look at some free VPN options along with putting light on their upsides and downsides.

Best Free VPN Options

When needing a VPN for your work, you most probably browse on your Chrome “Which is the best free VPN?’ There, a bombardment with a plethora of options that will put you in a confusing state for which to select. So, for your ease, we have articulated the top 10 VPN categories here, letting you make quick decisions according to your requirements.

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a well-known VPN that is famous for its strict privacy control measures. The edge of using this free VPN version besides others is that you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth. However, having the benefit of free content bypassing doesn’t mean it is free from limitations. In this, you are only allowed to access limited locations and the speed of its free plan is also slow in contrast to its paid plans. Keeping these drawbacks aside, you are ensured to have complete security with its encryption feature. Thus, it can be the best choice for those seeking the utmost privacy.


  • Best maintain the user privacy
  • You are not short at bandwidth range or data caps
  • Ensures complete security and encryption


  • You can access only a few geo-restricted locations on the free version
  • You may have to face speed problems if using the free plan

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN incorporates an easy-to-use interface and supports strict encryption procedures. In spite of having limited MBs per month on the free plan, it is greatly opted by many. People who want to use a VPN occasionally in a secured channel can definitely choose this option.


  • This VPN is comparatively easy to use
  • Good encryption method
  • Allows 500 MBs every month


  • There are limitations on data allowance
  • You cannot perform heavy tasks like downloading or streaming

3. Windscribe

For those looking for a high-capacity VPN in free mode, Windscribe is their bet. In this, you can enjoy having a wide coverage from 10GB data on a monthly basis with the addition of a high bandwidth facility. Moreover, you can get connectivity with more server locations in a highly secured channel. Only the problem with this VPN is the low speed in peak hours.


  • Enjoy a maximum of 10 GB of data in a month
  • Accessibility to more geo-restricted areas
  • Strict privacy control


  • Do not give good support to the customers using the free version
  • Speed problems in peak hours

4. Hide.me

Hide.me is another addition to the free list of VPNs that offer a secure no-logs policy to its users. Its good encryption protocol along with an allowance of monthly 10GB data in the free version has made it the top choice. Moreover, the game is not over here as there are other exciting features of shift tunnelling and double VPN that have added to its worth. On the other side, you may have limited server connections, especially those requiring high streaming.


  • For more user privacy, it follows a no-logs policy
  • A massive 10 GB data facility
  • Ensures reliable and up-to-the-mark performance


  • Few regional servers accessible in a free mode
  • Lacks support for servers that are streaming-optimized

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is attributed to providing middle-of-the-pack speed to the connection within its free version. In addition, it possesses a user-friendly outlook that is understandable by all to perform seamlessly. It extends its data capacity from 500 MBs on a daily basis to unlimited, hence making it a good choice for occasional browsing. However, in this VPN, it is likely to be irritable to have ads or pop-ups while browsing.


  • Its free mode offers a fairly good connection speed
  • Easy enough to use
  • High data capacity that is best for high-streaming


  • Supports pop-ups or ads to appear frequently while browsing
  • Access to a few connections

6. Opera VPN

Opera VPN falls under a unique category of free VPNs as the Opera browser is the direct creator of it. It is in greater of the commercial entities owing to its unlimited data capacity supporting more browsing, downloading and streaming. Therefore, due to its commercial usage, it may pose a threat to user privacy. Moreover, it incorporates a user-friendly interface and allows trouble-free set-up.


  • Being part of the Opera browser, it is accessible by all Opera users
  • There is no chance of data caps to hit on
  • Suits to beginners for its simple interface


  • Lacks a strong privacy protocol
  • Unlike standalone VPNs, there is a limit to their functionality

7. Speedify

Speedify comes under the top preferences of many users owing to its high connection speed through its channel bonding technology.  In its working mechanism, many connections are linked to one another. Moreover, a 2GB data allowance each month, suits those users who have great privacy concerns and require optimum speed. However, it poses a limitation to accessing more server locations,


  • Connect several connections at a time including WIFI or mobile data without limiting speed.
  • Good for occasional browsing
  • User data is completely secured through its strong encryption


  • The user is not allowed to access a high number of server connections
  • Bandwidth-intensive activities like downloading or streaming swallow up the entire free data

8. CyberGhost

CyberGhost allows its users to access an increased number of server locations while practising strict privacy protocols. It fully supports bandwidth-intensive activities without any limitations. However, the free version of CyberGhost VPN may sometimes limit internet speed. Also, you have to reconnect several times due to disconnection.


  • Accessibility to a great number of regions
  • Supports high anonymity due to a strict zero-logs protocol
  • Allows limitless downloading, streaming and browsing


  • Users may face speed interruption
  • High inconvenience due to reconnections.

9. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a great choice for a free VPN owing to its convenient interface and additional features. Moreover, there is no limitation to data allowance and integrates robust encryption for increased security. It has the capability to unblock streaming websites like Netflix. On the other side, it doesn’t allow for more server connection and is not as superior in performance as others.


  • It supports WireGuard for increasing speed
  • Allows P2P file sharing on all connections
  • Supports high streaming and torrenting


  • It doesn’t allow high customization
  • No audits for its logging policy

10. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a highly secure tool that allows expansive global connectivity in a seamless manner. Its efficiency in unblocking major streaming sites and its incorporation of the Nexus network have added it into the bracket of top-performing VPN service providers. It saves its users from the inconvenience of data caps per month with the provision of unlimited data with an extra layer of security. Besides having the perks of high-degree privacy, it restricts its users to having fewer server connections.


  • Serves as the best value-added VPN
  • It offers a money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • It is highly easy to operate


  • Limited geo bypassing
  • Low-performance speed in contrast to paid plans

Important Considerations For A Free VPN

A free VPN has put the virtual functionality of almost every sphere at ease. However, it may also put the user at risk.

Safety Concerns

Offering a high level of security doesn’t mean that a VPN is free from risks:

  • There are cases when downloaded free VPNs may attach viruses that can put your device’s security at risk.
  • Free VPNs may be involved in data mining activity, posing a privacy threat to users.
  • VPNs having free mode may lack advanced security protocols, thus inviting hackers to pop in.


However, there is no question towards the legality of a VPN in almost all countries. The activities performed through these VPNs may incur illegitimacy. 

  • If you are engaging in illegal activities while using a VPN then this alleviates its legal status and puts you in a questionable mode in front of law enforcement agencies.
  • Using a VPN in a region where it is strictly banned may put a question mark on its legality.
  • Deviating from the terms and conditions of the VPN service provider may make you an illegal user.

Final Words

In the search for “which is the best free VPN” never forget that every VPN, though having a multitude of features, also attaches drawbacks with it. You have to be very cautious in your selection while keeping in mind your preferences. Without a doubt, a free VPN version also endorses strict security checks but can never match to the privacy protocols of paid versions. So, if you are privacy conscious, it is better to opt for a premium VPN that can protect you to the utmost. Learn Online Things has pride in always bringing something new to your knowledge and still continues to do so.