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What do Youtubers use to screen record?

What Do Youtubers Use To Screen Record?

YouTube has no doubt enclosed the world into its boundary. Anything you are uncertain about is easily available here. Coming towards the extensive reach of YouTube content, the most important aspect of the Youtuber’s domain is the authenticity of their screen recording. Many of us think that what do YouTubers use to screen record? Be it an educational or food vlogger, a tech master, a gaming expert or any other who is fond of sharing informative screens, all require reliable software to record the screen uprightly. On having an array of top-performing recorders, we are still confused about the varying functionality of all to choose from. Therefore, we have elaborated different types of screen recorders along with their characteristics to make it easy for you to comprehend the actual functions of all.

1. Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Unique Characteristic

It allows high customization and offers an open-source code facility to YouTubers.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio, is high in demand among YouTubers who are seeking open-source code solutions that are easy to modify. Moreover, this recorder absorbs the exciting features of scenic or panorama transition and live streaming capacity. Owing to its customizable nature, learners and gamers consider it as their perfect screening partner.


This software is best suited to gamers, streamers and vloggers who require such open-source capability along with absolute customization.

2. Camtasia – An Absolute Screening Solution

Unique Characteristic

It consists of advanced functionality for editing video content.

Camtasia application works beyond screen recording. It comprises a complete editing package that can take your screening content to the heights. However, it allows you to have an outstanding screen recording experience in which you can edit your copy. In addition, you are able to insert distinct animation and effects flawlessly. For those who want to disseminate their YouTube video content professionally, Camtasia is all they want.


Professional YouTubers who are looking to screen record all-inclusive optimal solutions along with video editing features can opt for Camtasia without any doubt.

3. Snagit – A simplistic Recording Tool

Unique Characteristic

This application allows the recorders to capture moments and add annotations to every piece of clip in an effortless manner.

A screen recording tool by TechSmith named Snagit encompasses a speedy yet simple mechanism to operate. In addition, this tool is highly in use to capture multiple screenshots and record short clips or videos along with adding callouts and annotations seamlessly. Nowadays, influencers and mentors are highly considering Snagit for creating informative tutorials in the quickest manner with an aim to teach a big mass of learners.


This tool suits those professionals who are short on time and want quick screening and recording of the matter with the ability to add annotations. 

4. Bandicam

Unique Characteristic

Bandicam is a lightweight and simple recording tool that utilizes minimum resources to operate accurately.

Bandicam is undoubtedly a popular tool for recording high-quality YouTube videos that allows editing and uploading by using a single application. It comprises multiple modes for device recording, screen recording and gameplay recording without any disruption. Besides this, you can witness clear sound effects and 4k HD recording quality in integration with real-time graphics by using this application.


Bandicamis designed to support gamers to record top-quality gameplay screens without using much from the device resources.

5. Fraps

Unique Characteristic

It comprises a benchmarking mode and frames per second counter to record an outclass gaming screen without compromising performance.

Fraps is surely the ultimate choice for all the gamers out there for recording their gaming screens. In addition to the screen recording feature, it’s benchmarking element and frames per second counter known as FPS works well to keep track of correct performance analysis.


The Fraps recording tool is best suited to gamers who are searching to record their gameplay sessions and also monitoring their performance with the help of an FPS counter.

6. ShareX

Unique Characteristic

This tool supports a wide array of post-recording modifications owing to its super flawless editing mode.

ShareX provides an open-source and cost-effective solution for making changes after processing videos. It goes beyond just a screen recording, owing to its integration with a number of post-recording or editing modes. It also allows the creation of high-quality GIFs and includes an option of direct video sharing to YouTube channels.


ShareX absorbs a high-end versatility that suits those content creators who require comprehensive post-video recording changes.

7. Screencast-O-Matic

Unique Characteristic

Screen O-Matic allows for a browse-based functionality to screen recording, thus, supporting ultimate user-friendliness.

This tool is highly preferred by the Youtubers owing to its feature-rich mode. It allows for online screen recording from multiple devices including Chromebook, Windows, Mac and Andriod. In this case, the video maker can edit videos by adding music or sound effects, including transition animation, using a green screen filter and applying other features to make the video all the more attractive.


Beginners who are looking for an online video recording solution that has a user-friendly interface are more up to try Screen O-Matic.

8. Movavi Recorder

Unique Characteristic

This recorder is considered the most simple and straightforward tool that allows intensive video recording in a user-friendly manner.

Movavi Screen Recorder is popular for having an intuitive mechanism that is as simple to use as a beginner requires. YouTubers can run this application on their Mac or Windows operating systems. It is an ideal screen-capturing tool that allows you to record online webinars, calls, audio clips and much more. Movavi unquestionably lessens your struggle with video drawing, recording, editing and cutting fragments according to your needs.


However, this recording tool is specially designed for those who are beginning their career in virtual video broadcasting with the incorporation of a user-friendly and time-savvy interface.

9. ScreenFlow

Unique Characteristic

This screen recording tool is designed for those users who possess Mac operating systems.

ScreenFlow is a simply designed interface that does not require high-tech expertise to operate. Only Mac users are allowed to record videos or edit them through such software. It allows the insertion of motion graphics while capturing and supports adding captions or annotations on all videos. Therefore, it is totally integrated with Apple products and restricts usage to those having other operating systems.


Specifically Mac Users looking for an optimized performance in screen recording have the accessibility to it.

10.  XSplit Broadcaster

Unique Characteristic

This screen recording tool works well to capture live streaming sessions.

XSplit Broadcaster is the top choice of streamers who want to livestream their video content. It incorporates the modes of clip swapping and video transitions. Moreover, this tool allows integrating overlays and webcams to put the recording session and the recorder at ease.


XSplit operates perfectly for YouTubers and live streamers who seek the incorporation of advanced modes of screen recording.

11. Action!

Unique Characteristic

A perfect tool for high-quality streaming and video recording with the help of its top-notch features.

Action! is known to deliver superior screen recording output. A feature-packed application supports uninterrupted live streaming, audio recording and time-shift capturing, thus allowing content creators and gamers to save captivating scenes. So, this tool is best to carve out professional video screening to capture real-time audience engagement.


Professional video makers or recorders who are highly concerned about the quality of their live streams can definitely vote for Action!

12. ScreenHunter

Unique Characteristic

ScreenHunter is popular for its simplistic functionality and user-friendliness.

This screen recording tool is highly efficient in usage and supports simple operations. However, with this, you can simply take screenshots and record audio or videos along with having the assistance of record scheduling in a seamless manner. It has the ability of straightforwardness while displaying video content.


It is best suited to those who require a clear-cut yet simple mechanism of video capturing and video content scheduling.

13. Screencastify

Unique Characteristic

It directs video recording sessions by being a part of the Google Chrome extension.

Screencastify’s Chrome extension, after downloaded, works on your Chrome browser as a powerful recorder tool. Moreover, this extension is best to function in an environment that requires screen sharing for online learning sessions or any other educational training.


Screencastify screen recorder greatly works for educational enthusiasts and online instructors who seek a picture-perfect platform for disseminating their instructional videos one-on-one to the audience.

14. Ezvid

Unique Characteristic

This application incorporates a top-class video editing feature that saves much of the user’s time to perform multiple functions on a single tool.

Ezvid is amongst the most popular YouTube video recorders and is particularly designed for Youtubers to meet their screen recording needs. In addition, it integrates the feature of video editing that eliminates the problem of application switching. One of the most exciting capabilities of this application is it allows the user to record watermark-free videos, unlike others. Moreover, it integrates a text-to-speech and sound effect editing feature that is a plus for Youtubers.


Ezvid due to its built-in editing mode is best suitable for YouTubers who require frequent editing of the screen recordings to share faultless captures on YouTube. 

15. Loom

Unique Characteristic

Loom’s recorder allows instant video messaging and screen capturing for personalized interactive sessions.

Loom is a free-of-cost video recording tool that comes in the form of a Google extension. Therefore, after installing this extension you are free to record and edit audio or video captures. Also, it integrates an efficient video messaging capability that assists YouTubers in connecting with their audience via personalized responses and comments. Loom also consists of a user-friendly interface that helps in recording different segments of the screen or webcam.


This application suits influencers or YouTubers who want to build an interactive pathway with their audience by way of personalized feedback sessions.

16. TinyTake

Unique Characteristic

This tool adheres a quick cloud-sharing and annotation capabilities with it.

Those who work with the project groups use a TinyTake screen recorder that allows an interactive setting for collaboration with other members. Moreover, it’s easy annotation insertion and cloud-sharing feature make it favourable among all.


TinyTake is suitable for team-based work that requires a collaborative network for video or cloud sharing.

Best Criteria For Choosing The Right Screen Recorder

Beforehand we have come up with the opinion on what do Youtubers use to screen record. Now, the thing to ponder is to consider several factors while opting for the right type of screen recorder.

Video Quality

YouTubers according to their professional status must check the quality of the video recording that supports high-definition resolution.

User Interface

Opt for a screen recorder that holds up a user-friendly interface, particularly when videos are recorded for training sessions or educational purposes.

Compatibility With The System

A screen recorder that is compatible with your device is always better to choose. This allows for a high-speed and high-quality content recording where performance is the centre of attention.

Resource Utilization

YouTubers need to record a number of videos to keep their audience engaged. So, a video recorder must be one that utilizes fewer system resources and possesses a high-speed maintenance capability.

Customizable Tool

The customization feature is very imperative when deciding on a screen recorder. So, a recorder must support a high-end customizable ability to adjust frame rates along with the incorporation of codec mode. Thus, this allows YouTubers to record or edit their videos or audio tailored to their particular requirements.


This extensive guide must have given you an appropriate answer to your question “What do YouTubers use to screen record”. Moreover, with this, you may have come up with better know-how about the range of screen recorders that YouTubers can use. The most important thing t to note here is you should completely understand your preferences to make the right recorder choices. For an open-source solution, you can opt for OBS Studio, or for a simple video recording experience Movavi Screen Recorder performs well and for high-tech recording or editing nothing works better than Camtasia. So, you can make your screen recording journey creative with the help of available YouTube video recorders. If you have any query in mind and searching for an authentic abstract then Learn Online Things welcomes you to get it from here.

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