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how to right click on a chromebook

How To Right Click on A Chromebook

Right-clicking is one of the several trackpad motions that are available on Chromebooks. This is the proper way to apply it.

While Chromebooks are similar to laptops, each comes equipped with a trackpad, also known as a touchpad, depending on your preference. You might be used to seeing two buttons below the keyboard on Windows laptops, but the keyboard on your Chromebook has one. This is something you’ve probably already noticed.

Because of this, figuring out how to right-click can be challenging (as well as some other functions). You may even be questioning whether or not Chromebooks support right-clicking. In any case, it does, and I’ll explain how it works, along with a few other helpful hints, in the following paragraphs.

Remember that you can typically use a USB mouse with a Chromebook without experiencing any issues. Suppose you don’t already have a mouse but are considering purchasing one. In that case, it’s in your best interest to seek the Works with Chromebook—emblem, which verifies the product’s compatibility with Chromebooks.

How To Make Use Of The Right Mouse Button On A Chromebook

Because the tap-to-click capability is enabled by default on all Chromebooks, simply touching the trackpad with one finger will perform the same action as a regular click.

To use the right-click command (which allows you to access contextual menus, among other things), all you need to do is tap the trackpad with two fingers instead of using the mouse.

While Chrome IOS also supports the two-fingers-to-scroll gesture, if you perform this action and the screen scrolls up or down, it indicates that you have just held your fingers on the trackpad for an excessive amount of time. Lift your fingers off the trackpad, then gently tap it with two fingers, and you should see a menu that allows you to right-click.

Instructions For Performing More Trackpad Motions On A Chromebook

In addition to the right-click feature, your Chromebook has several other helpful trackpad motions to make your life easier. These are the ones that we make the most use of:

1.    Check Any Open Windows.

It can be a tedious process to either tab through all of the open apps or browser windows or travel down to the dock and select the appropriate icon when you have numerous apps or browser windows open simultaneously. Instead, swipe up with three fingers, and you’ll be given a list of all the windows on your Chromebook.

2.    Launch A Link In A New Window Or Tab.

If you are now seeing a webpage and want to open a link but also want to keep the page you are currently viewing, Now open the link in a new tab by tapping on the link with three fingers.

3.    Navigate Between Pages

When using the browser, you can navigate between the pages you’ve already opened by swiping left with two fingers (to go back) or right with two fingers (to go forward) to move between the pages (to go forward). If there were something on the page you just left that you wanted to know more about, this would be of great assistance to you.

4.    Slide Between Tabs

This Chrome IOS trackpad gesture is our favorite of all of the available gestures. To reiterate, if you have many tabs open in the Chrome browser and want to easily switch between them, place three fingers on the touchpad, then slide them to the left or right. This will do the trick. After seeing how the currently highlighted tab adjusts to correspond with your movement, release your fingers from the trackpad to make your selection. So easy, so useful.

5.    Trackpad

These are a lot of examples of the trackpad gestures available on Chrome IOS devices. Compared to some Windows laptops, the reliability and consistency of the trackpad experience on almost all of the Chromebooks we have tested is startling. In particular, this is the case when comparing Chromebooks to some Windows laptops. If you find that reading this makes you interested in trying out a Chromebook for yourself or upgrading your current model to a brand-new one, be sure to read our guide to the best Chromebooks so that you can select the device that is most appropriate for the tasks that you plan to carry out daily.

Chromebooks do not have individual buttons for the left and right sides of the trackpad. The design’s peculiarity causes some Chromebook users to become perplexed or grab a standard USB or Bluetooth mouse to connect.

Summary: The Fundamentals Of The Chromebook Touchpad

Tap-to-click functionality is enabled by default in Chrome OS. This indicates that you do not need to physically press down on the touchpad to click anywhere on it.

However, the lower part of the touchpad on most Chromebooks may be used as a button by pressing down on it. You are provided with feedback; you hear a click, it appears natural, and so on.

On the other hand, “clicking” in the lower right-hand corner of the touchpad does not result in a “right-click” response, just as it does on Apple laptops. It makes no difference where on the touchpad you click; you will still be clicking normally, regardless.

Tap-to-click is a feature of Chrome OS that allows users to perform normal click operations such as the center click and the right click.

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