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How To Connect Tv To Wifi Without Remote

How To Connect Tv To Wifi Without Remote

Are you having trouble using a remote control to connect your television to a wireless network? Do not be alarmed; we are here to help you. This manual will show you how to connect a wireless network to a Samsung, Sony, Insignia, or Hisense television without a remote. Additionally, Please continue reading for instructions on connecting your television to a wireless network without a remote control, whether you’ve lost your remote or would prefer not to use one. Let’s start by going over how to connect Tv To Wifi Without Remote.

How To Use A USB Mouse To Control Your TV

Many contemporary televisions have USB ports connecting a keyboard and mouse to operate the TV. These ports are often found on the back or sides of the television. Well, You can also use the mouse to navigate the TV’s settings, including the wireless network settings, to connect to your wireless Network by attaching a USB keyboard and mouse. This method only works with specific intelligent TVs, so it’s vital to remember that. Before starting the wireless network connection, it’s advised to confirm compatibility and test the TV’s detection using the mouse and keyboard. Here you may see the mouse we chose.

1. Ethernet Cable Connection Of Your TV To Your Router

Using an Ethernet cable to link your TV to your Network is easy. Connect an Ethernet cable by inserting one end into your TV and the other end into an open router port. For verification, check the network settings on your TV. With a direct Ethernet connection, your favorite material will stream more smoothly and at quicker data transfer rates. You will require the Ethernet wire shown here.

2. Use A Companion Smartphone App To Control The TV.

Once your Smart TV is online, you may use the TV manufacturer’s companion app to control it from your phone.

3. Without A Remote, Connecting A Samsung Smart TV

Turn on the TV and move to the Settings menu to connect a Samsung Smart TV to wifi without a remote. Next, select Network and then pick Wireless. Connecting to your wifi network requires following the on-screen directions. You can get help from Samsung customer service if you encounter any problems.

4. Using A Sony Smart TV Without A Remote To Connect

Use a USB wifi adaptor to connect a Sony TV to wifi without a remote. Connect the adapter to the TV’s USB port before selecting the Network menu item. To connect to your wireless Network, choose “Wireless Setup” and follow the on-screen instructions. You can find further information in the TV handbook if you encounter any problems. This video will be of help. Get a Sony remote control here.

5. Connecting A Smart TV From Insignia Without A Remote

TV button usage 1. Press the power button to turn on the TV. 2. Click the ‘Menu’ or ‘Settings’ button. 3. Select the ‘Network’ or ‘Wireless’ settings menu. 4. Choose a wifi network. e. Type in your wifi security code.

  • Download an app for a universal remote, such as Sure Universal Remote or AnyMote Universal Remote.
  • Open the app and choose your TV manufacturer.
  • Connect the TV and the app. d. Access TV settings and establish a wifi connection using the app.

Get an Insignia remote control here.

6. Roku Hisense TV

Use the Roku mobile app to connect a Hisense Roku TV to wifi without a remote. Select Devices from the bottom menu after opening the app, then choose Add a Device. You should see your TV on the list of available devices. Choose it and key in the PIN that appears on the TV screen. Once linked, the app allows you to operate the TV. Go to the Settings menu and choose Network from the list of options to connect to a wifi network. After choosing Wireless, pick your wifi network and type the password. Select Connect next. The internet will now be accessible through your Hisense Roku TV. View this helpful video by clicking here.

7. Bravia Sony TV

Use the Control for HDMI capability to connect a Sony Bravia TV to a wifi network without a controller. Connect a Control for an HDMI-capable device to the TV, such as a PlayStation 3 or 4 console. Press the home button on the TV remote and then select Settings, Network & Internet, Setup Wizard, and Easy. Choosing Wireless as the connection type, choosing your wifi network from the list, entering the password, and clicking Done complete the process. The wifi network will now be accessible to your TV. View this helpful video by clicking here.


The on-screen menu can connect RCA TV models without remote controls to wifi. To connect to your wifi network, press the Menu button on the TV, then Network, then Wireless, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Ensure the TV is inside your router’s coverage area and the network password is typed correctly if you are having problems connecting.

9. YouTube TV

Use the Vizio SmartCast app on a phone or tablet to connect a Vizio TV to wifi without a remote. Ensure an Ethernet cable is used to connect the TV to the internet. After that, open the Vizio SmartCast app, and see your TV from the list of available devices. Once connected, you may stream material from your smartphone and control the TV using the app. View this helpful video by clicking here.

10. LG TV

By pointing the remote towards the LG TV and pushing the microphone button, voice commands can be used to operate LG TVs with the Magic Remote. You can utilize voice commands even if your LG TV lacks the Magic Remote by attaching an external speaker with a built-in microphone. Say “Hey LG” or “Hi LG” to begin. You can speak commands like “Turn on/off,” “Change the channel,” “Increase/decrease the volume,” “Find a movie or show,” “Play a game,” “Start/stop/pause a video,” “Mute/unmute the sound,” “Take a screenshot,” “Show the menu,” “Navigate up/down,” “Go back to the previous screen,” “Exit,” or “Help” after the TV recognizes your voice. you can also read more article on learn online things.

11. Element TV

There are several ways to connect your Element TV to your wifi network, even if you don’t have the remote control.

To enter your wifi network details, see if your TV offers an on-screen menu.If not, try to input the data into your TV using a USB or Bluetooth keyboard.Additionally, some Element TVs have a mobile app that you may use to operate the TV and connect to your wifi network.

Try to res the TV to factory settings and enter your wifi details again if none of the alternatives above work.

12. Smart TV From Philips

You may connect your Philips smart TV to wifi in a few different ways without a control. Utilizing the Philips MyRemote app is one option. With the help of this app, you may use your smartphone to operate your TV. Use your TV’s integrated wifi as an alternative. Select the wifi option from the Menu’s Network menu to achieve this.


Losing your remote isn’t a huge concern; losing WiFi connection to your TV is. Thankfully, there are quick fixes for connecting TVs to WiFi without a remote control, including utilising a USB mouse and the keyboard, plugging in an Ethernet wire, setting your SSID and a username and password and turning on your mobile connection.

The best option, if you still are unable to link your TV with internet  is to get a new remote control.

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