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How to show your watching YouTube on discord

How to show your watching YouTube on discord

Let your Discord pals know what you’re watching on YouTube by updating your custom status. It’s user-friendly and supports services like YouTube Music, Twitch, SoundCloud, and Netflix.

Ok, so here we go: How to show your watching YouTube on discord

  • The PreMiD add-on is available in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Put in the add-on
  • Just download and install the extension in your Chrome browser.
  • Bookmark PreMiD in Chrome by clicking the Extensions button.
  • To use the PreMiD add-on, open YouTube and click on the extension’s pin.
  • The YouTube presence slider must enable the YouTube presence slide.

The name of the videos you watch on YouTube will now appear in your Discord profile. Be aware that you can turn off sharing by re-enabling the PreMiD add-on and toggling the Presence slider. Aside from the options mentioned above, you can also play music via streaming services like SoundCloud, Twitch, and YouTube. SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and Spotify can all be linked together with the help of the handy IFTTT program.

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How to show your watching YouTube on discord Tune in to YouTube

  • Joining or hosting a YouTube Watch Party is another option for sharing viewing experiences with others. You and up to nine others can now watch the same Video in real time while conversing.
  • You must have Discord installed on your device in order to establish a Watch Party. Then, proceed as follows:
  • Join the server where the party will be held on Discord.
  • To add a video, go to Add Video and paste it into the URL or search for it on YouTube.
  • Send out invites to your pals by entering their usernames, linking to them, or using another technique.

Get Ready To Watch! 

So, that’s the whole thing! All of your Discord buddies may now join you while you take in the same Video at the same time and have a lively conversation about it.

Discord offers a wealth of options for tailoring individual video experiences. Simply use your imagination and enjoy yourself. I hope you and your friends will enjoy sharing your favorite YouTube videos using these methods. Enjoy!

Using IFTTT, You May Set Up Automated Processes Between YouTube And Discord.

Using IFTTT, you can set up various automated processes using YouTube and Discord. A new YouTube video upload or a particular video can trigger an automatic message to be sent to Discord.

Get an IFTTT account and link it to both Discord and YouTube to begin automating your workflow. Select both the event that will set off the automation (in this case, “when you upload a new video”) and the action you wish to perform (in this case, “send a message in Discord”).

Once IFTTT is set up, it will trigger a message in your Discord channel whenever you post or like a specific video. It’s quick, easy, and effective! Try out various combinations of events and responses to uncover other neato methods to automate your time on YouTube and Discord.

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Do Discord’s YouTube Embeds Come With Commercial Interruptions?

The answer is yes if advertising will still play while you view YouTube videos on Discord. The video viewing experience, including on the Discord app, will always include advertisements. They will continue to show up even if you have a paid subscription to YouTube Red.

Can You Recommend Any Automation For YouTube And Discord?

See below for several Applets that will bridge the gap between your YouTube videos and your Discord chats.

Now more than ever, gamers worldwide use the messaging program Discord to stay in touch with one another. Discord is a chat app that allows users to do much more than send text or voice messages; it also has many useful features ideally suited to the gaming community, such as dedicated server space, in-game voice chat, and a wide variety of integrations.

How Do I Adjust The Mobile Playback Status In Discord?

  • The Discord mobile app does not have a dedicated “playing” status. Still, if you currently participate in a public Stage, you can use that information as your status message instead.
  • To activate it, do as follows:
  • To do this, first, locate the menu by tapping the upper left corner’s three-bar icon (or swipe left)
  • Second, access your profile by tapping your avatar in the upper-right corner. Personalization Options
  • change-discord-playing-status-Img14
  • Third, select Activity Status by scrolling and tapping on it.

How To Set A Custom Status On Discord’s Mobile App 4 Turn On The Switch Labeled “Display Current Activity As A Status Message.”

  • The Discord iOS and Android apps, like the desktop and online clients, allow users to define their unique statuses. Here’s how to do it:
  • In the User Settings menu, select “Set Status.”
  • Next, select “Set a custom status.”
  • change-discord-playing-status-Img15

Third, enter your status update, pick the expiration time, add an emoticon if you like, and hit the Save button (floppy disc icon)

This is another way: how to show your watching YouTube on discord

Including Game Progress Reports In Discord

As we’ve already said, if you’re running a verified game, Discord will notice and add “Playing…” to your status. If the program Fifa21.exe runs in the background, Discord will change your status to “Playing FIFA 21.”

Unlike approved games, unofficial ones will not be automatically recognized by Discord. Adding the game as a status manually on Discord is therefore required.

Your current game is detected by Discord automatically and displayed as your status by default. You can, however, set it to whatever status you like.


The core of the Discord platform is that people can change their experience to suit their tastes. Be it nicknames, usernames, emotes, background, and text formatting.  how to show your watching YouTube on discord , Discord has a lot of ways for bots to work with it and lets programmers try out and build different client implementations.

This means that there are almost infinite combinations, which is why serious gamers and casual users like how easy it is to customize the system. Users can now set their statuses in Discord, which gives them even more control over how the app looks.

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