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How to Increase Speed of a Clip on Instagram Reels

How To Increase Speed of a Clip on Instagram Reels

Instagram is the best way to show off your creativity out of all the social media apps you can sign up for. You can upload beautiful photos and use IG to make reels, which are among the most interesting short videos available on the internet right now. If you don’t know what reels are, they are short videos on Instagram that help tell a story. Reels are the best way to show what you want to say, whether you want people to find you or want to tell a story.

But Instagram reels only last for a short time, but you have a lot to say. Can we speed it up? So, pick up how to increase speed of a clip-on Instagram reels

Increase Speed of a Clip on Instagram Reel

Press the “Reels” button after tapping “Your Story” or swiping to the right from IG’s “Home” screen. Tap the “Speed” button on the right side of the screen. Then, on the menu that comes up, tap “2x,” “3x,” or “4x” (on iOS) before you start recording the Instagram reels.

Speeding Up Insta Reel Video content

Reels on Instagram have changed how people watch videos in a big way. No longer can you only tell your stories through long-form video? Long-form videos still have a place in this information-driven world, but reels are better at keeping the attention of netizens with short attention spans. So, it would help if you learned the basics of making Instagram reels on either Canva or the IG app itself.

But you only have 90 seconds to tell the most important part of your story on a reel. Then, how can you reach your goal of making the most informative Instagram reel? Don’t worry; Instagram has you covered with the steps below, whether you have an Android or an iOS phone:

1st Step:

 After opening the Instagram app, tap the “Your Story” button or swipe your finger to the right on the “Home” page. You can get to the “Creator” page by doing either of these things.

2nd Step:

 Once you’re on the “Creator” page, click the “Reels” button at the bottom of the white “Record” button. The “Creator” page is always set to “Story.” So, it would be best to tap “Reels” to get to the screen where you can make reels.

3rd Step:

Tap the “Speed” option on the right-side panel before recording your reels. Then, a menu will show up with the different speeds you can choose.

4th Step:

If you want to make the Instagram reel you’re making go faster, choose a number other than “1x,” which is the default but the speeds you can choose from depending on your phone type.

You can only choose “2x” or “3x” on an Android phone to speed up the video on that reel. On iPhones, you can choose between “2x,” “3x,” and “4x” to make your Instagram reel videos go faster. No matter which one you choose, tap on the value to go to the page where you can make a reel.

5th Step:

 If you’re done making changes, press the “Record” button to start making the video.

6th Step:

When you have the footage you need, press the “Pause” button to stop recording.

7th Step:

 Click “Preview” to see what your Instagram reel will look like.

8th Step:

Tap “Next” if you like the reel, you just made.

9th Step:

 Before you post your reel, write a caption, turn on the “Also Share to Feed” switch, tag people, or even rename the audio if you added any.

These are the basic steps to know how to increase speed of a clip-on Instagram reels

Final remarks

Once you’ve added these last details, press “Share” to upload your newly made Instagram reel! How to increase speed of a clip on Instagram reels-And if you need to do something important while looking at the Instagram reel you made, you can always pause it and return to it.

Subsequently, try out this amazing Instagram reels feature before dusk! If you ramp up your IG reels, you’ll be able to grab your audience’s attention in no time!

How to increase speed of a clip-on Instagram reels: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you make slow-mo. videos with Instagram’s reel creator’s “Speed” feature?

People often use the “Speed” function on the IG reel maker to speed up videos, but you can also use it to make slow-mo. videos. To slow down the footage on the reel you’re making, tap a value other than the default “1x.”

2. Can you upload videos from your phone’s gallery and use the “Speed” feature on the reel creator page?

The “Speed” button on the Insta reel creator page can only be used when the video is recorded directly first from the app. If you want to upload a video from the gallery on your phone, you won’t see the “Speed” option.

3. How do I speed up a video I uploaded from my phone’s gallery if I want to use it as an Instagram reel?

Since you can’t use the “Speed” button when you upload videos from your phone’s gallery to the reel creator page, you should use a third-party app to make videos instead. Open the video in the app you use to edit, change the speed, and then save it to your phone before posting it as a reel on Instagram.

4. How long does an Instagram reel have to be?

There are four options for how long an Instagram reel can be, but the short video option is the longest.

5. How do I change the length of the Instagram reel I’m making?

To change how long the Instagram reel is, tap “Duration” on the right side of the page where you make the reel. From there, choose a length (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds) and tap the “Record” button.

6. Can you speed up the clip I made for Instagram after I posted it?

You can’t speed up or even slow down a video you’ve already put on Instagram as a reel. Although if you push the kebab menu and tap the “Manage” button, you won’t see the “Speed” option.

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